About Us

Cal Works Solutions LLC is the creation of Bryan Calhoun.  Technically it is just one person, as it's a single-member LLC.  So, I suppose a hello is in order, Hello!  I am the soul owner and operator for CWS.  I'm 37 and have been in the Army for over 13 years now, have a family of 5 including myself, and just want to make quality things that work well.  For years, I've enjoyed designing bumpers and rock rails for my trucks.  Not only that, but parts for my motorcycle, or trailers, or really any mechanical thing.  I decided to one day make a business doing what I enjoyed, but being in the military certainly put a damper on those plans for the automotive field.  I just don't have the space to house tens of thousands of dollars worth of fabrication tools, let alone my wife letting me do such a thing.  Especially with moving every 3-4 years due to my job.  This led me to looking into other things to design, therefore the firearms parts and also the battery mags.  I honestly feel the battery mags will fill a market that people didn't realize was there.  It makes the tactical carrying of batteries much easier and convenient.  I still want to sell automotive things and will continue to do so, but firearms parts are much smaller, require less oversized tooling, and a fair amount of less time.  So, here I am, going for it!  Everything I've designed I've designed to be super strong and honestly, most people say it's over built.  I look at this as a good thing, because I tend to break things.  But if I can't break it, you certainly shouldn't be able to!  Give me, and Cal Works Solutions a try!